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Hiwassee, VA



Southern Sass Sensations 

Everyone Needs A Little Sass Now and Then!

Our goal is to have our farm be healthy and we also want our family, and friends to live healthier lifestyles - even down to the kind of soap, lotions and other personal care items we are using.  A few years ago, we decided to invest in a Swiss Alpine dairy goat.    After learning about the high nutritional value of goat's milk, we determined it would be useful to have such a source to improve our feeding programs.  One goat, Nellie, turned into two with Oh Hannah, and the herd continued to grow - providing milk for the family (we've been making cheese and yogurts) and using their milk to implement raw milk fertilization to our hay fields last.

And we learned how to make our own goat milk soap. We  loved it and our friends loved it - and we ended up trying goat's milk in lotions.  We have been receiving very positive feedback from people trying our soap around the world - all different skin types and all the same responses.  Singapore, Amsterdam, Rio De Janiro, London and Bangkok all love it!  We now have a range of fresh-from-the- mountain farm products and we welcome you to try them.

Just Keeping It Real!  All Southern Sass products, are proudly made here in  Hiwassee, VA, in the Appalachian Mountains, in a log cabin on our farm. We use fresh, natural ingredients and pure essential oils (for scents).  There is no use of synthetic colors or premade bases. We make every batch from scratch.  We follow the best practices guidelines established by the Food and Drug Administration in making and labeling our farm crafted sensations.  

We are developing new bar and liquid soaps, lotions, sugar scrubs, lip balm, etc. regularly and if there are ideas or requests, let us know. We are always up for creative challenges. And as always, the sensations will be made with laughs and love by the sassy sisters.

                                      Now, Let's Talk About Fantastic Gifting!   We also make gift baskets for any occasion - and if you want to include a                                                 customized card from the Farm, just let us know.  We also do customized labeling so you can use the soaps or other                                               products as wedding, graduations or shower favors. 

                                      We are happy to ship items across the country or around the world.  Contact us with any questions or ideas.

                                      With love and laughs from the Sassy Sisters

Contact me: 

Salina, the Sass Queen,

with any questions or orders: 

+1 540 980 1100


Here is a brief list and description of what we normally have available, but give us a call to see what are our latest creative efforts.  As always, every batch is hand crafted and using the most natural ingredients and essential oils.


After years of work, we developed a  recipe for goat's milk lotion that would have as few preservatives as possible - and be all natural - that we were happy to use ourselves.  We are happy to share with you.  

Lip Balm, Body Scrubs, Liniment - OH MY!

Lip balm using our honey bees' wax, all natural body scrubs and nourishing liniment make you want to say "Oh My"!