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Where In the World.......
Peru - Macchu Picchu - January 2009 - Bully (friendly nickname!)
Many thanks to Bully for taking us with him to Macchu Picchu, the ancient Inca city, in Peru.  With poncho in hand, he braves the weather to demonstrate his SF Farm spirit! 
Now he's demonstrating his lack of fear of heights - and ability not to faint!
Central America, South America
Honduras - Tegucigalpa - February 2009 - Andy
Even at the lovely InterContinental in the capital city of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, Andy manages to improve the place with his  stylin' Syncope Falls shirt!  It is a known fact that fainting goats love a good hotel.
Andy also takes us to Paiz, the huge central american grocery store - where you can find almost anything, except fainting goat meat.  If Andy gets stationed in Honduras, we'll have to find a way to make him our import agent.  Maybe he can also import Karakachan LGDs puppies.
Panama - February 2009 - Andy
Now we find Andy in Panama.  Look at that skyline!  We have always wanted to go to Panama and the shirt has made it there before us!!
A beautiful day, a good beer, a lovely snack and a cool t-shirt.  He could be a travel ad!
Costa Rica - Pavones - May 2011
Here the fairy goat mother of Syncope Falls Farm shows that she's not faint hearted when it comes to more treacherous than expected hiking trails in Costa Rica.  As much as our goats love to climb, we doubt even they'd be up to this!