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Middle East
February 14, 2009
Baghdad, Iraq
Katie enjoying a mango slushie at the US Embassy PX in Baghdad.  It is a little known fact that fainting goats love mangos.
That is the toughest, baddest picture Syncope Falls Farm will ever get of their t-shirts in action!
If there was a prize, yeah, I'd win it.
Katie on a rare day outside of the US Embassy - in front of soldiers and, it appears to be some sort of big truck with a gun in it. 

Her title for this pic was "9 out of 10 Iraqi soldiers prefer Syncope Falls brand fainting goats" 

Hear us now, Iraqi soldiers!!  We will not rest until it is a perfect score!!!
Katie in front of the famous "crossed swords" monument.  Note the fingers on the left hand have fallen off - then see the pic to the left. 

Look how she and her bright blue SFF tee bring some needed brightness to that boulevard. 

Maybe, these goats will finally bring peace to the Middle East.
Katie notes that the hands of the monument were modeled after those of Saddam Hussein, down to the finger prints. 

And she also pointed out the the helmets as part of the monument are also used as paving stones and are from Iranian soldiers that were lost in the Iraq-Iran war.
Middle East
August 9, 2009
Baghdad, Iraq
As rare as fainting goats are, it is even rarer to receive such a picture - from newly weds, both stationed in Baghdad, wearing our t-shirts.  About as rare as rain in Iraq. 

Only by adding Andy could Katie have topped the pictures she sent us in February!