Syncope Falls
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Where In the World.......
Hawaii - O'ahu - January 2009 - Herdmaster and Family
Chesapeke Bay - January 2009 - Polar bear Plunge
North America/Caribbean
Syncope Falls Farm- December 2008 - Visiting Vet Students
These students are also featured on our "Latest News" page, but it is worth mentioning that they are proudly displaying the t-shirts they won - she made a goat faint first, and he worked the hardest in trying to get a goat to faint.
Oregon - Portland -  Mt. Hood - September 2009
Nevada, Las Vegas -  2009
Sonoma, CA -  July 2010
Bermuda, July 2010
Our traveling herd hands took Syncope Falls Farm with them to Bermuda.  Sam is showing his best fainting goat muscles and POWERING UP!!!  Caleb is standing outside of the fort that was built to withstand invasions by various militaries (as most of the pirates seemed to be inside of the city) - the true pirate fainting goat spirit!
A wonderful group of Fainting Goat supporters showing their Fainting Pride, and love of humorous Korean sun visors, in the Armstrong Redwood Forest in Sonoma, CA.
Seatlle, WA January 2011
Alaska, May 2011
Here's Pete in GlenAllen Alaska. Pete is a known Fainter Hunter, and has just been tipped off that a small herd of fainting goats is roaming free in the Wrangell Mountains. Determined to bring laughter to the dark, cold nights of Alaska, Pistol Packing Petey will bring the fainters in alive, but hopefully not before he laughs himself to death. It's a dangerous job, but Pete is determined to spread the joy of the fainters to the ends of the earth! God Speed Pete, and watch out for frostbite!
Canada, May 2013
Oh Canada!  Who else could laugh, and be so lovely, in the face of cold and snow but a Canadian.  It is a little known fact that nothing warms the heart (and most internal organs) faster than a Syncope Falls Farm t-shirt, as elegantly demonstrated by Laurie Edge-Hughes, the guru of Canine Rehab.  That is right, not only is she a snappy dresser, she goes to all lengths to ensure that her dogs (and yours) stay healthy and happy. Here she is, giving the Canadian thumbs up (which is also the sign to release the hounds and start the dance party).   We thank Laurie for embracing the spirit of Syncope Falls Farm and we send her all the warmth possible from down South.