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CZECH REPUBLIC - December 2008 - Angie and Jakub
On the famous Charles Bridge in Prague - despite the freezing cold, showing their Syncope Falls Farm spirit!
Adorable Angie, and Syncope Falls, in Bratislava
Christmas market in Prague - people in the crowd wish they too had Angie's stylin' shirt!
Italy - Rome - January 2009
Switzerland - Geneva  - February 2009
Belgium - Brussels - January 2009
After the Romans had exhausted their supply of large predator animals (lions, tigers, etc.) to fight with prisoners in the colosseum, they finally resorted to using fainting goats that were mistakenly thought to make prisoners faint from fear. The first attempt to use these animals was the last, but it went down in history as being the funniest.
Syncope Falls at Le petit sablon - This park from the 1800s is surrounded by 48 little statues representing the medieval guilds of Brussels. In the center is the statue of the counts of Egmont and Hoorne who were executed at the Market Place by order of Philip II of Spain in 1568.  It is well known Philip II was jealous of their fainting goat herds, especially their Rare Blues.  In the background is the Sablon church or church of Our Lady of the Victories built in 1450.

Syncope Falls Farm at the Forum in Rome - It is a little known fact that the ancient Romans used to discuss the value of good breeding programs for fainting goats and Karakachan dogs.  Those that disregarded the breeding program guidelines were thrown to the lions - see gladiator pictures.
Syncope Falls on Lake Geneva - Geneva is the home to several international organizations, such as the United Nations (UN).  This fountain was built in 1891 under orders from the UN to determine the minimum area needed for a Karakachan LGD to roam.  The maximum height of the fountain is 459 ft.  The official finding, which was posted in  72 different languages and found to be the best use ever of UN funds was, "Those dogs need room to roam!"
Iceland -Westman Islands  - June 2009
We thank Jason for taking us with him to the Westman Islands in Iceland.  We learned the the "westman" Islands got their name from Irish (men from the West) that were brought to these islands hundreds of years ago.  What they neglected to mention in history that the Icelandic invaders were actually looking for fainting goats.  But finding none in Ireland, they just took the people. 

Syncope Falls Farm has a proud bit of Irish heritage - so Jason's toast to Iceland with Viking beer is very appropriate on many levels!  If you want more information on the Island, see this link:
Jason trying to stay warm and dry during his travel adventure.  Someone should hand this man a beer. 
Finally, the elements no longer matter!
Hungary - Budapest - June 2009
We thank Jason for taking us with him to Budapest - a beautiful city that we have yet to travel to ourselves.  The view is amazing!!  At least Syncope Falls Farm is making the trip!
Riga - Latvia - September 2009
Making a wish at the center of Old Riga.
How the Latvians love their roosters!  They are on the top of every building and church - of course this one is extra special with its syncope falls hat!
Bulgaria - April 2008
Sider at Valhi, sporting his Syncope Falls hat!
Sider and his youngest son at the Karakachan dog show in Sofia with two of his prize winning dogs.
Serbia - Zlakusa- July 2011
Turkey - Beypazari - March 2011
Syncope Falls found its way, thanks to Aysegul and Ibrahim, to the lovely village of Beypazari.  Beypazari's history goes back to the Hittites and Phyrgians (this is FAR back).  Beypazari and its surroundings have been controlled by the Galatians, Romans, Selcuks and Ottomans.  This charming district is famous for its historical houses, silver craftsmen and for its carrots.  Yes, its carrots.  See the middle picture.  It is a known fact that fainting goats can't get enough of sweet carrots and silver jewelry.  We are eagerly awaiting the development of a sales office in Beypazari! 

We want to thank Gokhan for taking us with him on his excellent adventure to Serbia and to this tourist village of Zlakusa.  We are especially appreciative that in all of Serbia, he somehow managed to find a village with "usa" in its name. 

And knowing that nothing enhances a trip abroad like spreading the knowledge about fainting goats, Gokhan became a Syncope Falls Ambassdor and educated the other 11 participants on his trip.  These folks were from all over the world and had never heard about fainting goats. We also understand that Gokhan has learned some traditional Serbian folk dancing - and given how we, and our goats, love to dance - we can't wait to see his new moves! 
To learn a bit more about Zlakusa and Serbia, you can click here.

We look forward to future travels with Ambassador Gokhan!
Example of traditional Ottoman buildings around the market place.