Syncope Falls Farm
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

Syncope Falls Farm
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs
Past Events - Visitors, Visits, Publications
12/14/08 - Visit by North Carolina State University Collegs of Veterinary Medicine vet students
2008 - Mytonic Goat Review Holiday Edition on Karakachan LGD's - contact MGR:
Our Herdmaster says, "Syncope Falls Farm had the pleasure of being host to 44 second year vet students and professors from North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine on 12/14/08. Syncope Falls Farm, representing a small rudiment farm, was the first of three stops for their 19th Annual COWABUNGA tour across the East Coast.  And what a fun and educational experience it was!!  We felt extremely fortunate to have 44 vets on site to ask questions to and to receive from such good advice.  Wherever these students start up their practice in the next couple of years, they will definitely be an added bonus to their surrounding community.  NCSU College of Vet Medicine has boasting rights to some exceptional individuals (and I believe new supporters of the myotonic goats and Karakachan LGDs)!"

As the caption read in the February 2009 issue of The Carolina Cattle Connection, "Attendees of the 2008 Cowabunga trip, posing with the two sons and youngest 'herd hands' of Syncope Falls Farm, a fainting goat farm in Hiwassee, Virginia"
"It was our pleasure to take part in the September 2nd open house held by the Pulaski Retirement Center.  We took four of our friendliest goats, one of our Karakachan puppies, a fainting chicken, two herd hands and a few adults.  It was quite the Syncope Falls Farm roadtrip, but we wanted to bring the fun of our farm to the residents. 

It was a great day out and we look forward to other opportunities to share the Syncope Falls Farm Adventure!"

September 2, 2009 - Visit to the Pulaski Retirement Center
Syncope Falls Farm proves that laughter IS the best medicine!!
The famous fainting chicken
2009 - Goat Rancher, December 2009
"Predators & Guardians Special Section - Karakachan guardian dogs:  An ancient breed gains popularity in the U.S." - contact Goat Rancher:

2010, March-April, Volume 31, number 2, Sheep!  "New Look At An Old Breed:  Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs".