Syncope Falls Farm
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

2009, 2010, 2011
Here are some updates on the goats we have either acquired or have retained to improve our herd.
Syncope Falls Blue Ridge Belle - one of our Appalachian Blues whose coat looks purple in the sunshine, like our mountains.  She is a wonderful and very unusual combination of a blue with red overtones.

She was retained from our 2009  kids and we will add her to our breeding program in 2011.
Showing some sass!
Retained or acquired in 2009
Retained from 2010
Syncope Falls Hiwassee Belle.  We love these red and white goats.  We will use her in our 2012 breeding program.
New in 2010
Providence Farm Jazzmin
Shade Tree Acres Farm Angel Pie
Blue-eyed Angel Pie is from a branch of Onion Creek Ranch and is a bigger goat, so we bred her to Banjo, our largest buck to get some larger kids.

Jazzmin is also blue-eyed and we have bred her with Grassdancer.
Here is Syncope Falls Something Special.  His Sire was Grassdancer and the Dame was Full Moon Farm Mystica Moon.  He is long haired, solid white with blue eyes.  We are excited to see how he grows.  This year we have him paired with Dixie Land Delight.

Introducing Syncope Falls Laughing Lacy Falls.  She is out of Smilin' Jim Dandy and Storm.  She is a herdhand favorite and we'll be including her in the 2013 breeding season.