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It's AMAZING, it's INCREDIBLE, it's UNHEARD OF...seen here for the first time at Syncope Falls....the one, the only...FAINTING BANTAM CHICKEN!!!!!  The "Fainting" seems to be catching!!!  The goats have nothing on this bird!!!  
Syncope Falls is proud to announce it has the bragging rights to two of the youngest chicken whispers East of the Mississippi - they have worked their magic again!!!!
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Spreading the joy of the faint
Some said it was impossible - you may even think this could never be done.  But seeing is believing, and here you will see the fabulous, the fabled, fainting frog and toad.
And even more mind blowing - they got them to faint so hard, the frog and toad were stackable!  

After the faint, they were safely returned to their containers and live to faint another day.
Our herdmaster says, "winter is finally here! 

The farm is staying busy, as usual.  We have one buckling left from our batch of great kids this Spring.  They have all gone to good farms. 

We also have the field full of chickens (to help with our integrated pest management and help us clean up the fields).  Fencing building and moving the electric netting continue as we work to continually improve our pastures. 

We have a new line of liquid hand soaps that are proving popular for Christmas gifts. 

We look forward to an exciting 2017!"
We are excited to share the news that one of our Karakachan pups is working in Alaska and you can see her on the Discovery Channel TV Show, Alaska: The Last Frontier

Click Here to see a clip from the show.

We can not imagine a better home for her than with Charlotte and Otto.  We have so enjoyed the stories and pictures Charlotte has shared with us.  And any puppy raising advice we can provide, we'll be happy for the            opportunity to do so.