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The Herdmaster says, "please see the link below for our 2017 bucklings and doelings to date."

All goats for sale meet the highest conformation standards and all are rated at 5 out of 6 for myotonia.  They have received vaccinations, worming, and will have their hooves freshly trimmed prior to being transported to their new homes. 
New to Goats? Every year, we get a few folks, new to the wonderful world of fainting goats, who decide to start a herd - or buy a few for pets.  Goats, especially Fainters, are great animals and we are happy to help you get started.  If you request it, we will create a basic herd care kit for you (with hoof trimmers, wormer, etc) and walk you through how to use everything when you come to pick up your goat. 

Need to Talk? But as always, with all of our goats, we remain ready and willing to talk to you about any issues, questions, or listen to a good story.  Just because a goat has left our farm doesn't mean it has left our hearts - we remember these goats and love to hear how they are doing.

Due to popular demand, we are making goat milk soap and old fashioned, traditional Appalachian Lard and Lye soap.  Please click the soap link to learn more about it.
Handmade Goat Milk Soap
Registering your goat - We used to register them all before selling, but some buyers asked if they could register them so they could chose their own names for the kids.  We'd like to ask new owners to consider registering their goats.  It is inexpensive and helps to preserve the blood lines of this rare and wonderful breed of goat. All goats that have not already been registered will be sent home with a registration package with the necessary breeder information completed. Your goat's pedigree will also be included in your package.

Would love to have a goat but can't make the trip? We are willing to discuss the possibility of transporting the goats for a fee based on distance traveled plus gas (roundtrip) depending on location.  If you are outside of driving range, we are happy to discuss shipping.
2015 Bucklings For Sale
We have a great buckling for sale. 
2017 Bucklings
2017 Doelings

Romeo Echo Delta

photo as of 06/28/16
Born:  03/05/15

We were saving him to be a herdshire for our farm, but we needed to expand our blood lines, so we are putting this beauty up for sale.  If you are looking for the coordinates of beauty and brawn, your search is over.  Yes, ma'am - blue eyes with this great copper coloring is definitely going to give this buckling some well deserved respect.  He will be a larger sized buck and an excellent herdshire.  Great disposition.  Excellent confirmation.

Price:  $250
Buck:  Syncope Falls Master Romeo
     Doe:  Syncope Falls Red Bonnie Boop

You have asked and we have pulled the pictures together - here it is:

2016 pairing for 2017 kids