Syncope Falls
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

Favorite Pictures
Belle Starr, Calamity Jane, Pearl Hart, Timber, Lady Traveller and Storm
How do you like your goats?  On the rocks???
Captain Jane Sparrow in the Christmas mood.
Shepherd in Bulgaria - April 2008
Karakachan with traditional collar - in Bulgaria
2008 Christmas Page
March 2, 2009 - snow
Rado, Duda and Banjo enjoy the snow.
The best dressed snowman in Hiwassee with my SF hat!
Pirin and Sasha up to their chests in snow.
Smilin' Jim and Stuck on You - enjoying their  long coats.
This picture is so cute, I just can't stand it.  Lucky Charm and Love Me Tender peeking through a pine bough. 
Our goats sometimes seem to be part Fainter and part wildcat.  And who do you call when your Fainter/wildcat is stuck in a tree? 
Rado to the rescue! 
He has been taking his kid-sitting duties very seriously!
It's a new twist on the "Mommy and Me" exercise program!
You can see that Yo Ho Ho is also fascinated.
Every time we think we've seen everything, the kids prove us wrong.   We have rotated our does and kids to a new pasture, full of multifloral rose bushes.  For the past few days, when Calamity Jane returns to the upper pasture for the night, full from foraging, her buck, Pickin' On The Back Porch, jumps on her back for a ride.
"Oh my heavens!" thinks Oh My Heavens.  Yo Ho Ho will not stop until he is captain of Syncope Falls Farm!
The weather is improving and the kids are feeling great!  Yo Ho Ho is mixing it up with Smoke on the Appalachians.  But does this pirate goat stop with his antics with this, no.
May 2009
Volo and Zmey (pups from Sasha and Pirin) figuring out the ways of the goat with two of our bucklings - 2008
Polly becoming the best dressed pirate goat on Syncope Falls Farm.
Every farm needs a Fairy Goat Mother, and Mercy Me is being turned into one.
Red Bonnie Boop now ready for any circus, beach party, or Las Vegas trip.
Captain Jane Sparrow goes from pirate to, Tah DAH, The Masked Fainting Witch of the South.
On October 31, Syncope Falls Farm was happy to host its second annual Appalachian Adventure open house.  We took the group around the farm and as it was Halloween, we decided to let the goats in on some of the fun. 

What happens when you give a few adults and some kids a bag of costume items, one goat and 5 minutes?  A lot of laughs and some fantastic looking goats.
Second Annual Appalachian Adventure
Drop Dead Gorgeous and Pirin