Syncope Falls Farm
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs
Pictures of our Goats - the Ladies
All of our ladies have a range of sizes and colors.  All have bragging rights of being either registered with IFGA, MGR or both.
A2517 Syncope Falls Timber - a rare "blue"
A5095 Syncope Falls Captain Jane Sparrow
(I'm a treasure, myself, matey! ARRRGGHHHH)
A5096 Syncope Falls Argetlam -
Another boldly marked beauty
A5101 Syncope Falls Red Bonnie Boop - "belted" beauty
A9553 Full Moon Farm Mystica Moon
A9553 Full Moon Farm Emmie
A7807 Syncope Falls Blueridge Belle -
our Appalachian Blue
A7334 Bbarn's Gracie Lou
A2429 Shade Tree Acres Farm Angel Pie - is of TX lines - sire is Permanent Grand Champion A0628 Hillside Acres Pretty Special STA
A5486 Providence Farm Sweet Jazzmin
B0250 Syncope Falls Dixieland Delight
B0255 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Belle
C1086 Syncope Falls Wings of a Dove
Retained from 2012 Season
C1084 Syncope Falls Bobbasheely
B9040  Beaver Tree Farm Backwoods Barbie   (naturally polled with blue eyes)
B's Barn Eclipse (B4319)
Sire - A7391 Nazworthy Acres Lunar, Dam - A9175 B's Barn Betsy (added in 2014)

Thanks to Judy Balmer of B's Barn, she was willing to allow Eclipse to come live on our farm. Eclipse was a favorite doe of Judy's, and it shows with her gentle ways. She carries the moonspotted gene, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for adding additional spice to the mix on Syncope Falls Farm!  Eclipse is long in the loin and carries a heavy body. She is now decked out in her cashmere coat which hides the red splashes of color that normally show through in her shorter summer coat.

C5331 Syncope Falls Farm Sweet Water   (retained from 2013 - first breeding season in 2015)
C5329 Syncope Falls Farm Snowville Sugar
C5330 Syncope Falls Farm Southern Drawl (retained from 2013 - first breeding season in 2015)