Syncope Falls Farm
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Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

Meet the Bucks
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We have a wide variety of sizes, colors and hair lengths in our bucks.  All of our bucks have proven to be excellent sires and are rated either a 5 out of 6 or 6 out of 6 for myotonia.  
All have bragging rights of being either registered with IFGA, MGR or both.


Jack Sparrow of Providence Farm was added to our herd in 2008.  He has sired many beautiful kids for us. 

He is a large sized buck and heavily muscled.  He measures 27.5 inches at the withers.


Syncope Falls Something Special was retained from our 2011 kidding season.  His sire was Grassdancer, our beloved herdshire who we retired in 2014.

As of April 2012, he is a registered Foundation Stock in the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association

As of Feb 2012, he measured 16 inches at the withers. 
Chief was born in 2012 and comes to us from Moonlight Farms in Surrey County, VA.   He has a happy go lucky attitude and is very laid back.  He will be a medium to larger sized buck.
Fall 2010
Master Romeo was born and breed here at Syncope Falls Farm.  His grandfather, on the Sire side, is a Permanent Grand Champion, A0628 Hillside Acres Pretty Special.  He is big boned, tri-colored and blue eyed. 

Who Dat of B Barns joined the farm in 2014.  His pedigree stats are C2127 WP Who Dat (out of C0532 WP Maximus) and B5065 Wallace's Crazy Acres Hallelujah.  He is naturally polled and naturally laid back. 
Reference Bucks - Past Herdshires
Beechkeld Grassdancer
Bbarn's Gun Smoke
Grassdancer was one of our original, and favorite herdshires.  He was a large buck, measuring 26 inches at the withers. 

He was an extreme long hair with an excellent disposition and confirmation.
Gun Smoke was a rare blue with golden eyes.  .  He was a large buck, measuring 25 inches at the withers and heavily muscled.

Excellent confirmation and disposition.