Syncope Falls Farm
Breeders of Fainting Goats &
Karakachan Livestock Guardian Dogs

2017 Pairing
The Herdmaster says, "Below are the sire and dam (bucks and does) pairings for our 2017 kidding season.  We are starting the waiting list now - call us if there is a combo that has caught your eye and you want a kid from a great pairing.

We look forward to many color combinations and healthy, happy kids in the spring."
Sire:  Bbarn's Gun Smoke
Dam: Full Moon Farm Emmie
A2517 Syncope Falls Timber
(IFGA 8529-H)
Buck:  Syncope Falls Titian
A9554 Full Moon Farm Mystica Moon
A5096 Syncope Falls Argetlam
A7807 Syncope Falls Blueridge Belle
(Our rare Appalachain Blue)

     A5101 Syncope Falls Red Bonnie Boop
A2429 Shade Tree Acres Angel Pie - added to herd in 2010 - is of TX lines - sire is Permanent Grand Champion A0628 Hillside Acres Pretty Special STA
A5095 Syncope Falls Captain Jane Sparrow
(I'm a treasure, myself, matey! ARRRGGHHHH)
B0250 Syncope Falls Dixieland Delight
Buck: B5309 Syncope Falls Something Special
A7334 Bbarn's Gracie Lou
Buck: B5309 Moonlight Farms Chief Tomochichi
Registered Foundation Stock in the Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association F2997
A5486 Providence Farm Sweet Jazzmin - She is a half-sister to our Captain Jack Sparrow
A9553 Full Moon Farm Emmie
B9040 Beaver Tree Farm Backwoods Barbie (naturally polled with blue eyes)
B0255 Syncope Falls Hiwassee Belle
Buck: C2127 B Barns WP WHO DAT WP1
Buck: A4794 Providence Farm Captain Jack Sparrow
C5330 Syncope Falls Farm Southern Drawl
retained from 2013
C5331 Syncope Falls Farm Sweet Water 
C1086 Syncope Falls Wings of a Dove
Retained from 2012 Season
B4319 B's Barn Eclipse
Syncope Falls Once In A Blue Moon - retained from 2014
Syncope Falls Farm Ripples of Laughter
Buck:  Syncope Falls Prince Pumpernickel
C1084 Syncope Falls Bobbasheely
C5329 Syncope Falls
Snowville Sugar
Syncope Falls Big Hair, Big Dreams
Buck:  Moonlight Farm Rob Roy
Syncope Falls
Ida Claire
Buck:  Syncope Falls Smoke One The Mountain
Syncope Falls
Delta Dawn
Syncope Falls
Mercy Me, Moonspots!
Syncope Falls Blue Chickory
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